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Are you tired of feeling stuck in negative patterns, or overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic mystery health or pain condition?  Are you unable to participate in daily life, find energy or joy to interact with loved ones? Do you struggle to find balance in your life, or to connect with others on a deeper level? If so, the solution most likely lies in addressing limbic system imbalance and dysfunction.  

Our course is designed to help you understand and heal your limbic system, which is the part of your brain responsible for emotions, trauma-response, and memory. By learning how to regulate your limbic system, you can improve your mental and emotional well-being, increase your resilience to stress, and unlock your healing potential.

But we don't stop there. Our holistic approach also includes techniques for improving your physical health, such as a full library of yoga therapy tools, interview with leading experts, as well as strategies for enhancing your social and spiritual connections and nature based healing techniques. We believe that true healing comes from addressing all aspects of your being, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

And that's where our community comes in. When you join our course, you'll also become part of a supportive and inclusive community of like-minded individuals who are also committed to their own healing journeys. You'll have access to online forums, and exclusive resources, all designed to help you stay motivated, accountable, and connected.

So if you're ready to take charge of your well-being and start living the life you deserve, join us today. We can't wait to welcome you into our community and help you thrive.

Course curriculum

    1. About Me

    2. How to use this course - a tech guide explained by Thinkific staff!

    3. Introduction to the Course

    4. Making the Course Accessible

    5. Waiver of Liability

    1. What is the Limbic System?

    2. Creating Healing in the Limbic System

    3. Identifying Imbalance in the Limbic System Assessment

    4. Frequent Diagnoses That Indicate Limbic System Issues

    5. How Is the Limbic system Responsible for Chronic Health issues?

    6. Why Root Cause Is More Important than Diagnoses!

    7. Brain Retraining and Neuroplasticity Basics

    8. General Adaptation Syndrome

    9. Cell Danger Response and Its Benefits for Healing

    10. Daily Routines and Consistency in Our Healing Journey, Part One

    11. Daily Routines, Consistency and Behavior Change, Part Two

    12. Safety : Creating Space to Heal - Healing a Toxic World to Heal Ourselves and Our Community

    13. Why Am I Affected and Others Are Not? ACE Scores, Trauma, and Genetics

    14. Nervous System, Limbic System, and Reticular Activating System - How are they connected?

    15. Trying New Things and Neuroplasticity

    1. 7 Step Healing Formulation

    2. Breathe

    3. Ground

    4. Notice

    5. Reframe

    6. Believe

    7. Activate

    8. Heal

    9. Holistic Integration for Deep Limbic Healing

    10. Healing Workbook

    11. Honoring Your Intuition On the Journey - Living Life as an Integrative Healing Practice - There is No "Right Way" to Heal

    12. Using the Steps When Facing a Trigger

    1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Healing Scripts for Practice

    2. Environmental Triggers Practice

    3. Scripted Practice for Fatigue

    4. Scripted Practice for Pain

    5. Scripted Short Mindfulness Practice

    6. Limbic Healing Meditation Script

    7. Regeneration Healing Script

    8. Over-Active Amygdala Self Talk Script

    9. Visualize the Healing Journey Script

    10. Visualize Success with Environmental Triggers Script

    11. Acceptance and Commitment Meditation Script

    12. Safety from EMF Script

    13. Mold Healing Script

    14. MCAS flare script

    15. Calm the Limbic System Script and Lesson

    16. POTS Script

    17. Histamine Intolerance / MCAS Challenge Script

    18. Heat Intolerance Temperature Regulation Rounds and Titration Practice

    1. Weekly and Daily Schedule: Incorporating Healing into Your Life

    2. Why focus on routines and scheduling to heal the nervous system?

    1. Vagus Nerve and Healing

    2. Exploring the Role of the Ventral Vagus in Trauma: A Comprehensive Guide to Polyvagal Theory Social Engagement

    3. Brain - Gut Axis - Enteric Nervous System

    4. Psychoneuroimmunology

    5. The Role of Medication in Limbic system Healing?

    6. DOSE chemicals

    7. Generational Trauma, Epigenetics, and Healing

    8. Intergenerational Trauma, Limbic System Healing, and Holistic Interventions with Dr. Raja Sinjab

    9. Why Is Visualization Important?

About this course

  • $264.00
  • 137 lessons

Accessibility for those on a healing journey

This course is designed to be simple to use, accessible, and integrative.

  • Each module combines video, text, and graphics so that each type of learner is supported on their journey.

  • Each module is broken down into labeled segments so you can go back at any time and review the content as needed.

  • We keep each lesson short and broken down into sub-topics to make the new information easier to integrate and retain.

  • Your purchase includes lifetime membership to the course, as well as access to our community of like minded healers to ask questions and gain support as you walk the healing path.

  • We are creating a community library of resources, from full length yoga classes and meditations, to interviews with experts in the limbic healing field that are uploaded every week!

  • My unique 7 step healing formulation combines somatics, mind, body, spirit, and nature based healing tools so that you are truly healing on a deep cellular and energetic level.


“Prior to getting sick, I was a stay-at-home-mom to 4 young kids. Life was great and I loved my job, but I was stressed all the time. I wasn’t taking of care of my *full* self. I was healthy physically (I am a runner and regularly work out), but I was unhealthy emotionally. I was often anxious for reasons I could not pinpoint. I never felt like I couldn’t relax, and I rarely slowed down to enjoy the tiny details of life. I certainly wasn’t properly dealing with my stress. I am fully convinced that I was dealing with limbic system dysfunction during this time, but I was not aware of it. In July of 2022, I got sick with Covid. I believe the virus tipped me over the edge. My body was stuck in a constant “fight or flight” mode. I was dealing with too many symptoms to count. I was scared and willing to do anything to find relief. I wanted a holistic approach to my healing, in which I addressed mind, body, spirit, environmental, and social aspects. When I found Theresa’s Psyche-Soma-Sol program, I found hope and confidence. Theresa explains the science behind how and why this program works. She explains the parts of the brain and limbic system and their role in our body. She shows us how we can create new neuropathways in our brain. Not only does she talk about the science behind her program, but she also explains how we all have a deep innate wisdom to heal. This was the holistic connection I was searching for: the healing process of my mind, body, and soul all at once. I’m currently two months into the Psyche-Soma-Sol program. Thus far, Theresa has instilled confidence that I can heal my body. I am seeing progress with my symptoms! When I’m watching her videos, I often find myself with tears in my eyes, overwhelmed with joy thinking about my healing journey. I sincerely hope that whoever is reading my story will also find hope, confidence, and healing through this program. I will be giving an update in 6-8 months to share more about how Psyche-Soma-Sol has helped me grow and heal. ”

Are you looking for a sign that it's time to heal?

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Are you suffering form mystery pains or symptoms, or a long term life altering chronic illness?

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 • Learn how to use yoga and mindfulness to heal your limbic system

 • Discover how to use nature to relax and reduce stress

 • Receive guidance on how to create a personalized healing practice including spirtuality

We are one of the only brain retraining programs to integrate evidence-based counseling and neuroscience tools with a more holistic, nature and spirit based approach that aims to connect the WHOLE person rather than only targeting thoughts and behaviors.  

Bonus materials

We offer an entire library of bonus content, which is updated each month!

  • Yoga and Meditation Class Library

    $1,000+ value

    A library of yoga classes and guided meditations, taught by yoga therapists, yoga teachers, mental health therapists, and other healing experts Typical private or small group therapeutic yoga and meditation classes run at least $100 per session. We are constantly adding new classes to our library.

  • More affordable than endless appointments and coaches!

    $1,000+ value

    One on one sessions at my private practice average $150 to $250 per hour. Most people pay $150 per week for therapy, $150 per session for limbic system coaching, $100 per private yoga session, $150 for energy healing or reiki. I designed this course to take everything I know and talk about with my individual clients and consolidate it into one place, where you can access the information at your own pace and in an affordable way.

  • Lifetime Access to Our Full Brain Rewiring and Limbic System Healing Course

    $300-$1000 +

    Most Limbic system and brain retraining courses cost between $300-1000 per year. Our course offers lifetime access to a full course on learning about the Limbic system, implementing neural retraining, and in addition we blend holistic lifestyle modalities to create an even more powerful healing formulation.

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